Golf Carts For Sale
golf carts for sale in south africa

Golf Carts For Sale

Do you know what to look for when searching for golf carts for sale? Golf carts are very popular on most golf courses today; they are used to comfortably transport golfers around the golf course while they play their round of golf. Prior to golf carts golfers used to have a caddy that would carry their golf clubs and any other items they wish to take with them while they play the game. 

Many golfers enjoy using a golf cart as it adds another element to the entertainment of playing golf as well as the fact that carts allow the golfer to concentrate on his game. If you are looking for a golf cart for sale then looking online is a wise choice, there are many advertising sites and dealers that are widely available to assist you in finding a golf cart that will suit your needs. Second hand and used golf carts are also advertised on various websites and classified sites.

Golf carts today offer many specialised safety features, and also comfort features to make their golfing experience so much more enjoyable. There are two types of golf carts electric powered and petrol powered, although more popular are the electric powered golf carts.

Many of the modern electric powered golf carts have portable battery chargers which make them very convenient. One interesting feature is a clip board placed where a normal horn on the steering wheel on a motor car.  This is designed to help the golfer keep the score card in a secure place.

Other things that can be stored on a golf cart ball and cup holders, sun canopies, racks that can hold sand trap rakes, sweaters, bags, some even have plastic enclosures that can be zipped up should it rain.  For the smokers, ashtrays and cigarette lighters and for listening pleasures AM/FM radios or cassette players.

Golf carts come in different designs; there is no standard design, the different materials used in golf carts range from fibre glass, wood aluminium or steel. Some designs seat only two passengers others seat four or even six passengers. Some have powerful engines to pull up hills and strong breaks while others have smaller engines, depending on the make and model.

When looking for a golf cart for sale you could consider any of the following:
  • Up slope climbing ability
  • Controls that are enhanced for hill descending
  • Energy efficiency of running the golf cart
  • Speeds of the cart, including top speeds
  • Acceleration technology that is improved
  • Some offer improved breaking technology, giving this a consideration on would have a loner brake pad life and less maintenance and running costs.
  • Safety features such seat belts; many golf carts don’t have these therefore driving them you need to be much more careful especially at sharp bends and corners.
Deciding if you would prefer an electric golf cart or a petrol powered golf cart for sale, the electric has some advantages and one big disadvantage. It is much quieter than the petrol powered carts, it's cleaner and more environmentally friendly. On the other hand should you run out of battery power; usually there is no power point to recharge the batteries unless you have a portable recharger.

On the other hand the petrol golf cart you can carry a container with petrol so top up should you run out of petrol on the fairway, but  you can expect it to be more noisy and less environmentally friendly.

With this advice and tips you will be able to make an informed decision and choose an excellent deal from the various golf carts for sale.

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